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Shoulder services offered in West Hollywood, CA

Shoulder arthritis, dislocations, fractures, and other types of damage can become a long-term disability unless you get the right treatment. Empathetic and knowledgeable orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Frank, MD, offers non-surgical treatments and advanced minimally invasive shoulder solutions to help you regain full use of your shoulder joint. Call the office in West Hollywood, California, or click the online scheduler today.

Shoulder Q&A

What conditions can cause shoulder problems?

Degenerative conditions and injuries are both common in the shoulder joint, causing conditions such as: 

  • Acromioclavicular (AC) separation
  • Adhesive capsulitis
  • Clavicle fracture
  • Osteoarthritis of shoulder
  • Rotator cuff tear
  • Shoulder dislocation
  • Shoulder fractures
  • Shoulder impingement syndrome
  • Shoulder labral tears
  • Shoulder tendinitis and tenosynovitis
  • Snapping scapula
  • Superior labrum anterior and posterior (SLAP) tears 
  • Sternoclavicular (SC) joint disorders

Shoulder problems can arise suddenly, like labral tears, or develop slowly, like osteoarthritis. Regardless of how and when the problems started, the shoulder joint often struggles to heal without medical intervention. 

When should I see a doctor about shoulder pain?

Shoulder pain requires treatment in the following situations.

  • Pain that doesn’t improve with ice, heat, over-the-counter medication, and rest
  • Pain alongside an obvious change in your shoulder joint
  • Pain lasting longer than a week or two
  • Poor quality sleep due to shoulder pain
  • Difficulty reaching up, back, or across your body due to pain
  • Clicking or snapping sensation or sound in your shoulder alongside pain


Shoulder pain isn’t a normal part of aging. It’s a strong indicator that you have some type of damage within the joint, so using an already-weakened shoulder can make a bad situation worse. Rest your shoulder as much as possible until you see Dr. Frank. 

How are shoulder problems treated?


Dr. Frank strongly believes in protecting and preserving your native joints (your natural joint) whenever possible. One way to do so is injectable precision medicine approaches that use biological substances (like healing cells) with potent healing powers.


Patients that don’t respond to nonoperative treatments may be good candidates for minimally invasive shoulder arthroscopy, in which Dr. Frank makes tiny incisions and places a miniature camera and special instruments into the joint to correct the shoulder problem. He also uses the InSpace® Shoulder Spacer for patients with non-repairable rotator cuff tear who are too young for a shoulder replacement.


Total shoulder replacement may be best for patients who have shoulder pain after trying more conservative approaches or who aren’t good candidates for shoulder arthroscopy. Dr. Frank performs both standard and reverse shoulder replacements. 


He also uses the Remedy® Shoulder Spacer, a temporary implant that delivers antibiotics to the shoulder joint for patients with a serious infection who need a shoulder replacement. The Remedy is removed in six months or less and replaced with a standard implant.


Dr. Frank also prescribes individualized rehabilitation protocols that focus on strength, flexibility, and range of motion. He recommends wearing a shoulder immobilizer for a certain period as you recover. 


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