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Robotic Joint Replacement

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Robotic Joint Replacement

Robotic Joint Replacement services offered in West Hollywood, CA

Joint replacement surgery has evolved into a highly reliable and effective procedure, especially when your doctor uses the most advanced techniques available. Board-certified orthopaedic surgeon Dr. Jonathan Frank, MD, performs robotic joint replacement surgery using the state-of-the-art Mako SmartRobotics™ system, the most advanced way to perform joint replacements today. Book your appointment online or call the West Hollywood, California, office today.

Robotic Joint Replacement Q&A

What is joint replacement?

Joint replacement is a procedure to remove damaged or degraded joint surfaces and replace them with metal, ceramic, and plastic parts. Today’s joint replacements are highly customized for individual needs to ensure that the new joint works just like your own native joint when it was still healthy. 

Dr. Frank is an eminently-qualified and highly skilled joint replacement surgeon with specialized training in the most advanced methods of joint replacement. 

When might I need joint replacement?

Joint replacement is a big decision. Dr. Frank always recommends trying nonsurgical approaches like physical therapy, medication, and precision medicine first. He does everything possible to save your natural joints for as long as possible. But, if nonsurgical methods aren’t relieving your symptoms anymore, you might consider joint replacement. 


Some of the factors that might make you a good candidate for joint replacement are: 


  • Pain that restricts your routine daily activities
  • Pain when sleeping or resting
  • Severe stiffness 
  • Inability to move your joint normally


There are no age or weight restrictions for joint replacement surgery. Dr. Frank believes in assessing every patient individually and considering all your unique personal factors before he recommends joint replacement. 


What is the joint replacement process?

Joint replacement processes vary with the joint involved and individual needs. Many of Dr. Frank’s patients have robotic-assisted joint replacement using the Mako SmartRobotics system. 


Dr. Frank extensively pre-plans the robotic joint replacement procedure using 3D computed tomography (CT) planning software. 


The system helps Dr. Frank carry out his surgical plan with maximum efficiency using AccuStop™ technology. The technology helps him stay within the planned surgical boundaries, ultimately allowing him to cut less and be more precise with as little damage as possible to the surrounding tissue.


Dr. Frank removes the damaged parts of the joint and affixes new metal or ceramic surfaces to the bone using either cement or a “press-fit” method to secure it within the bone. He makes sure that your new joint is balanced and moves properly before closing your incisions. 


Dr. Frank provides highly detailed rehab protocols to guide you back to full joint function, pain-free. He’s with you step by step as you navigate your return to an active life.


Jonathan Frank, MD, uses the most innovative leading-edge technology to perform joint replacements that greatly improve quality of life. Call the office or book your consultation online today.